The Hand-Painted Metalhead T-Shirt in black glossy jersey is from Balenciaga's 53rd Couture Collection. It is made in France.

The large volume T-shirt is made in organic cotton with hand-painted artwork.
This artwork showcases the embellishment technique of hand-painting on garments. Real Balenciaga models were photographed, and the image was digitally enhanced with specific decor and artwork.
Once finalized, artist Abdelhak Benallou was commissioned to directly hand-paint onto the T-shirt. He used traditional oil paint techniques. The process takes approximately 70 hours.
The painting depicts a group of models posing as if they were a music band.
The process is meticulous, realistic, and precise, making the artwork appear as if it were a printed image rather than a painting.
The garment is hand-lined with black scuba satin.

30 000 €

The Hybrid Cargo Pants with Chains in black washed cotton ripstop are from Balenciaga's 53rd Couture Collection. They are made in France.

The "HYBRID" pants are a major concept within the 53rd Couture Collection. They are seen in numerous looks across various archetypes.
The garments are designed to resemble a simple jacket and cargo pants, but in reality, ingenious pattern-work is needed to create this iconic silhouette.
Here, the pants are accessorized with several vintage chains, crafted by a jeweler.
They are both meticulously hand lined with black scuba satin in our Couture atelier, reintroducing a 'Couture' technique into this seemingly casual style.

30 000 €


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