Look 15 From 52Nd Couture Collection

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The Trompe-L'Œil Single Breasted Jacket in black and grey denim jacquard is a fitted, two button, single-breasted jacket.

22 000 €

The Trompe-L'Œil Pants in black and grey denim jacquard feature a straight cut.

6 000 €

A Prince of Wales pattern creates the optical illusion of a tailored suit. Although they are denim, the pieces were constructed using traditional tailoring methods.

The fabric was specially developed for Balenciaga in Japan using antique denim wool looms.

The Turtleneck in black technical silk rib knit features a tight fit and a stretch finish for ease of movement. The silk yarn is very delicate. It takes three full days to produce one Turtleneck.

5 000 €


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