Look 53 From 52Nd Couture Collection

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The Bustier Dress in red tulle is inspired by Cristóbal Balenciaga classic Couture. It is a long, embroidered, bustier-top evening dress.

The embroidery consists of corkscrew ribbons in varying sizes. Each ribbon is hand-cut into a rectangular strip of differing length and then individually folded and pulled around a tube by hand to ensure it keeps its shape.

The curled ribbons are then fixed with a sequin head on the dress. About 800 ribbons and 160 hours of work are required to complete the dress.

100 000 €

The Opera Pump Pantashoes in red double-faced technical silk knit are a signature Balenciaga style, seamlessly combining formal dressing with comfortable urban wear in a distinctive silhouette.

These are made in a high-grade technical silk knit. They feature Opera Pumps, which are set on an 11-centimeter covered heel that is drawn back, creating an optical illusion.

15 000 €


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