Raver Bracelet in pink, black and blue polyester, metallized polyester, cotton and sterling silver 925 is from Balenciaga's 53rd Couture Collection. It is made in France.

This hand-embroidered bracelet uses various artisanal techniques found in the Lesage archives dating back to 1850: seed stitch, drawn thread work, point de Boulogne, satin stitch, stem stitch, and front-and-back chain stitch. These embroidery styles, used individually or in combination, create a wide range of textures and effects, making each piece unique and intricate.

This manufacturing process requires a full day's work for each piece.

The size is unique, as the bracelet is fully adjustable.

Dimensions are 31 cm x 20 mm x 1,5 mm for a 16 grams weight.

4 500 €


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