The Metalheads Oversized T-Shirt in faded washed black vintage jersey is a Couture Store exclusivity inspired by Balenciaga's 53rd Couture Collection. It is made in Portugal.

Inspired by Looks 15 and 17 from Couture's 53rd Collection, this exclusive new store items introduce a printing technique (instead of hand painting).
The print is made on a black vintage jersey base fabric that has been previously washed to enhance it's texture and comfort.

The oversized fit offers a casual and easily wearable alternative.
The artwork features a reworked image of Balenciaga models photographed posing as a music group.

To achieve a vintage aesthetic, the print appears faded and the logo displays a cracked effect.
These visual details are meticulously created through various treatments, including heavy stonewashing, pilling, and crinkling techniques.

1 500 €

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