Collapsing Vase

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The Collapsing Vase in black ceramic was made in a limited edition series. It is made in Spain.

It was created in collaboration with the artist Nicholas Arroyave Portela as an edition of 5. Each piece uniquely explores fluidity, intuitive volumes, and the technical limits of ceramic processing.

This vase is made by hand using a ceramic wheel and a process developed exclusively by the artist. After an initial bisque firing, glaze is applied using brushing, spraying, and pouring methods. This step might be repeated various times after each firing.

A multiple firing process strengthens the ceramic body and creates a rich, faceted glaze tone.

This product is intended for use as a vase or a standalone sculpture.

Dimensions are l33,2 x h49,2 centimeters. Weight is 6,3 kilograms.

10 000 €


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