Upcycled Watch Asymmetric Earring Collectibles

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Upcycled Watch Asymmetric Earring Collectibles in shiny gold-toned brass are from Balenciaga’s 51st Couture Collection. They are made in France.

All Balenciaga upcycled watch pieces are to be considered collectible objects. They are made from sourced vintage watches manufactured within the last fifty years.

Each watch has been meticulously scanned, disassembled, and reconfigured in leading jewelry Ateliers. All mechanical systems, batteries, identifying marks, or serial numbers have been removed or covered.

These collectibles are assembled from vintage watch cases and dials mounted on made-to-measure brass brackets.

Dimensions are 4.2x 3.7x 2.1 centimeters. Weight is 18 to 32 grams apiece.

5 000 €


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